Cooking Instructions

Directions For Seasoned Plank Grilling:


Step 1: 

Soak bottom of non-seasoned side of the plank in  1/4 inch of water for 30 minutes. Float on top of water to ensure the seasoned side does NOT get wet. DO NOT IMMERSE BOARD! Seasoning will wash off!

Step 2:

Meat or Veggies onto the center of seasoned side of plank. When    cooking salmon place the SKIN up, meat should be facing downward and placed directly on spices for full effect.

Step 3: 

Cook over medium heat (under 400 degrees) for best results. Higher temperatures could cause the plank to catch fire.  If this occurs, put out fire with water and turn down temperature and continue cooking.

Step 4:

Flip meat or veggies when half way done.  Some veggies maybe rolled and some meat may not need be flipped.  No need to flip salmon if cooking with skin on. Remember to cook with SKIN UP!

Step 5: 

Store unused planks in common household wrapping in a dry area.

Step 6: