About Us

The Story of Wasatch Plank

Wasatch Mountain was started by two very competitive friends.. Who was the best BBQ'er? Who could wow their family and friends most? They took divergent paths.. One developing an arsenal of secret herbs and spices that made any food fantastic. While searching one day in the outback of wild Utah, the other discovered that a new way to make cooking on a cedar plank better than anything he had ever seen before. The net result? A dead even tie.. No one could say that the smokey moist flavor from the cedar planks was better than the secret herb and spice mixes of the other. One day, they had a brilliant idea... Why not fuse the two together? This proved to be more difficult than they thought. Getting anything to stick to wood and be safe and healthy was a gargantuan task.. 3 long years of development, and a lot of trial and error coupled with a lot of consulting with major food ingredient manufacturers.. Eureka! An answer was found. The secret herbs and spices could now be fused to the cedar..After testing.. (and applying for a patent) it was an instant hit. Try some for yourself.. and you'll wonder why no one ever took the time or effort to make this work the way that it should.